How To Stop Hair Fall And Grow New Hair

How To Stop Hair Fall And Grow New Hair

Luscious long hair is a desire that will continue to nag you. For years, a lot of people in the world have searched and tried various types of home remedies for growing their hair. However, each of the hair strands has a life cycle which goes through different stages in it. In the time you reach middle age, which is approximately 30 years, hair growth begins to slows down. This occurs because of excessive stress, hormonal imbalances and an imbalanced diet. Anyone with thick and long hair is seen as strong and healthy. Your hair resembles how healthy your mind and body are. Here are some suggestions on How To Stop Hair Fall And Grow New Hair

Applying onion juice on scalp
Onion contains sulphur this is helpful in repairing damaged hair follicles along with nourishing existing hair follicles. Onions actually increase hair growth. You’ll see incredible results, as well as exceeding growth of hairs in one month or less.

Oiling and Brushing
After washing your hair, you can now apply oil to your hairs normally. Don’t just apply oil in hairs, also apply oil in the roots of air then massage if you want. It’s now time for thorough brushing your hairs. Brushing and disturbing the scalp, is actually promoting the blood circulation on head and distributing the oil more evenly through the entire scalp.

Drink Water
Drinking water regularly actually makes hair moisturize and smooths them. If you don’t water hairs will break easily and become brittle and breaks easily.

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