Hydroglide Ladies Package

$ 106.99 $

Hydroglide Revitalizing Body and Face Lotion (Retail) – $69.99

Hydroglide Silky Shave Gel (Retail) – $11.99
(No stubble or cuts on smooth legs)

Razor Rash Relief Cream 2.5oz (Retail) – $24.99
(No Bikini or Leg Razor Bumps)


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The Hydroglide Revitalizing Body Lotion is immediately calming and soothing to the skin and effective for all skin types.

The Hydroglide Silky Shave Gel is an incredible product serves as a shaving gel that also lubricates, moisturizes, and treats dry, irritated skin.

The Razor Rash Relief Cream is great for shavers with sensitive skin as well as those with coarse, wiry hair.


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