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Ultimate Shave Solution Cape

The Ultimate Shave Solution Cape | Sink Cover for Shaving

$ 14.99 $ 9.99 $

Made of polyester material, waterproof, easy to clean and dry.
Suckers and hooks for your choice, practical in different conditions.
Fit the neck and fasten it with the tape fastener
Handy design, make your shaving easy, keep your bathroom tidy and clean.
Folding, easy to use and store at home
Color: White with black trim
Material: Polyester
Size: 130 cm x 82 cm / 51.2″ x 32.3″
Package included: 1 x Bathroom Apron

Ultimate Shaving SolutionUltimate Shave Solution Cape

Ultimate Shaving Solution

$ 66.99 $

Moore Unique’s Ultimate Shaving Solution Package includes: 1. Hydroglide Ascend Shave Gel & Skin Enhancer, 2. Clear Skin Shavers Wash, 3. Toner Cream, 4. Razor Rash Refilef Cream, and the 5. Razor Bump Tool.

This revolutionary five-step shaving system delivers a clean, close shave while preventing and eliminating razor rash, burn and bumps (also known as Pseudofolliculitus Barbae).