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Silky Hydroglide (Subscription)

$ 10.20 $ every 2 months

Silky Hydroglide is enriched with aloe vera and willow bark extract to lubricate, moisturize and treat dry, irritated skin while providing an aid to hair removal for a smoother shave.

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Silky Hydroglide

$ 11.99 $

Silky Hydroglide Shave Solution for Women “New” 3.4oz

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Hydroglide Holiday Ladies PackageOut of stock

Hydroglide Ladies Package

$ 106.99 $

Hydroglide Revitalizing Body and Face Lotion (Retail) – $69.99

Hydroglide Silky Shave Gel (Retail) – $11.99
(No stubble or cuts on smooth legs)

Razor Rash Relief Cream 2.5oz (Retail) – $24.99
(No Bikini or Leg Razor Bumps)